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    About the Bonsai Gallery

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    The Bonsai Gallery was built to showcase the best bonsai in the collection. The gallery features many fine specimens of Japanese Black, Red, and White pine, Trident and Japanese Maple, Swamp Cypress, Ficus species, Chinese Elm, Sequoia, and many more.

    Most of the bonsai in the collection were started from seed, seedlings, or small nursery stock.  All were developed in raised field beds to develop some character and size.  Most of the field work concentrated on developing a good trunk, nebari and trunk taper.

    Once the trees developed sufficient character they were transitioned to large pots to help modify the root system for a number of years.  This transition made the transfer to a bonsai pot very easy with minimal stress to the trees.

    Throughout these processes the trees were progressively styled, maintaining and developing good branching.

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