Bonsai Winter Workshops

Bonsai Winter Workshops

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2023 Winter Bonsai Workshops

Winter Bonsai Workshops

Winter is a very busy time for the serious bonsai artist and there is no better time to add to the refinement of that special bonsai.

Pines should be needle plucked, bud selected and wired this time of the year.  Deciduous bonsai are much easier to refine in Winter, for obvious reasons; bare branches allow for easier wiring, bud selection and branch placement.

The Australian Bonsai Gallery workshops allow you to gain a clear understanding of these processes and give you the confidence to take your skills in bonsai to the next level.

Our workshops allow you to tap into more than 47 years of experience in the development and refinement of bonsai.

Details of our Workshop content can be found HERE.

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