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Quality Bonsai for Sale

ian hearn bonsai centenery prizeAwarded the first Centenary Bonsai Prize 2013. Ian Heran - center.

The Australian Bonsai Gallery is proud to offer bonsai for sale by one of Australia's most respected bonsai artists, Ian Hearn.

Ian is the recipient of many bonsai awards, including the prestigious & inaugural Centenary Bonsai Prize 2013.

Ian has been developing and refining high quality bonsai for over half a century and has, now, decided to offer some of his private collection for sale here.

 This is a rare opportunity to purchase a 'slice' of bonsai history.  

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Ian Hearn Bonsai for Sale

IH-9-10-11 Ficus Rubiginosa

IH – Bonsai 9 Tree Species: Obliqua Fig Style: Informal ...

New price: $ 350.00

IH-8 Shimpaku

Tree Species: Shimpaku – Juniperus Sargentii | Style: ...

New price: $ 3900.00

IH-7 Variegated Juniper

Tree Species: Variegated Juniper | Style: Driftwood | ...

New price: $ 1000.00

IH-6 Juniperus Procumbins

Tree Species: Juniperus Procumbens – Japanese Garden ...

New price: $ 1800.00

IH-5 Chinese Elm

Tree Species: Chinese Elm. Ulmus Parvifolia | Style: ...

New price: $ 700.00

IH-3 Shimpaku Junerperus Sargenti

Tree Species: Shimpaku. Junerperus Sargenti | Style: Semi ...

New price: $ 2000.00

IH-2 Juniperus Procumbins

Tree Species: Juniperus Procumbens | Style: Windswept | ...

New price: $ 800.00

IH-13 Japanese Black Pine

Tree Species: Japanese Black Pine | Style: Informal ...

New price: $ 1500.00

IH-1 Juniperus Media Blaauw

Tree Species: Juniperus Media Blaauw | Style: Twin trunk ...

New price: $ 1800.00

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