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Welcome to Sakura Bonsai Gallery.  If you would like to share our passion, learn about the art of bonsai, or simply forget about the world, contact us to book your tour of our gallery in Dorrigo.

The bonsai gallery is selling up to 50% of its collection.  Aproximately 45 old, good quality, bonsai are now offered for sale, from the gallery in Dorrigo.

Sakura Bonsai Gallery 盆栽ギャラリー

The Bonsai Gallery houses some 100 mature and 'in-progress' trees; some more than 90yrs old, most 25 - 45 years old. Most of the bonsai have been started as cuttings or seedlings, field grown to develop some size, then container grown to promote a refined style and root system.

If you have an interest in all things Bonsai than here we have a small sample of what is on offer at the gallery.

The trees are large!... some well over 100cm high.

We built the Bonsai Gallery to showcase the best bonsai in the collection. The gallery features many fine specimens of Japanese Black, Red, and White pine,Trident and Japanese Maple, Swamp Cypress, Ficus species, Chinese Elm, Sequoia, and many more.


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stolen bonsai register


This Stolen Bonsai Register is a free service by the Australian Bonsai Gallery in an effort to leverage our srtong web and social media presence to help retrieve stolen bonsai.

If you have had a bonsai stolen please Contact Us and we will do all we can to spread the message.

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Japanese Bonsai Tour 2016

The Omiya Bonsai Village (大宮盆栽村, Ōmiya Bonsaimura) in Saitama City is a tranquil neighbourhood two train stations north of Omiya Station. Multiple bonsai nurseries and a superb bonsai art museum are situated along the district's peaceful paths. Private houses in the area typically have a collection of bonsai in their gardens.
In October 2016 we spent an unforgettable day in the village. We booked a tour through Yoshihiro Nakamizu. Yoshi san met us at our hotel in Tokyo. After visiting Kimura's garden, we had a great Japanese lunch at Bonsai Restaurant Omiya.
Omiya Bonsai Village has five bonsai gardens and a bonsai museum. The quality of the bonsai of Kimura, Yamada and Kato san was of the highest level.
Yoshi also introduced us to Kunio Kobayashi who owns a bonsai museum closer to Tokyo. Kobayashi san has more than 1,000 bonsai, again, of a quality we could not have imagined.


Club Events


Nov 2020

09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Over 200 bonsai, books, new/handmade/second hand pots for sale. Free Admission


Nov 2020

08:45 AM - 04:00 PM
Andrew Edge is the owner of Edge Bonsai Studio and has been a student of bonsai since receiving a bonsai as a Christmas present in 1995.

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