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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

Australian Native Bonsai

Some Worthy Natives to Bonsai

Strangely, I have not been very interested in bonsai Australian natives.  In fact I have had some criticism as to 'why not'.  In the past I have focussed on the 'traditional' bonsai styles and tree species.  Now I feel that I have missed out of developing some truly unique bonsai.

All is not lost, though.  I was fortunate enough to have collected many 'Yamadori' Ficus(right in picture) over 40 years ago; and developed, from seed/seedling the Dwarf Heath Casuarina (Allocasuarina-defungens - left in picture) and  Banksia-oblongifolia (centre).

The Banksia, pictured here, has just been moved into its first bonsai pot.  As you can see, it is still in development but should make a very good bonsai.

The casuarina has developed some interesting çorky bark' since the seed was collected in July-1984.

The old ficus was collected from a sandstone outcrop in 1981 where it had naturally stunted.

A word of warning about some Australian Natives......... Some species are very short lived so do your research before selecting trees for bonsai.  The last thing you want to happen is to spend 20 years developing a native bonsai and to have it die of old age in your lifetime. !!!

australian native bonsai 02 

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