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    Swamp Cypress - Rock Planting

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    Swamp Cypress on a Rock

    Said we were not going to sell any more Swamp Cypress bonsai..... BUT.... this one is up for sale now.

    You will hear and read that Swamp Cypress bonsai should have a tray of water under the pot to allow them to grow properly..... well this is nothing more than a myth.  We have been growing SC for over 4 decades without a single water tray.  It is all about the soil.

    Our SC soil contains a very high proportion of Akadama, a little softer that the really 'Hard' stuff.  They grow vigorously all throughout the Spring and Summer and require constant attention during this period.

    This one has just had it's first 'pinch-back' for the season.

    See it for sale HERE.

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