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    First Flush Cut on Black & Red Pines

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    First Flush Cut for Japanese Red & Black Pines

    It is always a bit of 'hit-and-miss' as to when is the optimum timing for this process.  The Japanese Black Pine in this image has just been cut. As you can see from the pile of cuttings this is a significant event for these trees.

    Vigure balancing last Autumn, continued fertilizing throughout Autumn and Winter, and booster fertilising in Spring and early Summer has produced a good and even first flush.  Now we wait for that all-important second flush to produce multiple shoots from all cutting points.!

    It is very important to only cut unwanted shoots(bud selection) after the seconf flush has matured.... a job I do along with needle plucking and wiring in Autumn.  Then the process starts all over again.!

    Last years effort was a real success, as is evedent in the very small one-year-old needles.  Another few years of the same will produce very well refined bonsai.

    Fingers crossed that the warm weather holds for the next few months..... 

    For those not familar with the process I have a detailed slideshow and downloadable pdf HERE

    japanese black pine first flush cut

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