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    Progress on this Japanese Black Pine

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    New Pot for this Old Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

    Back in May last year I posted a similar article about the progress of this old Black Pine, indicating that I would "transfer the tree into a much smaller round pot next Spring".

    Well it has been done.  The first flush was very strong, due to last years Autumn and Winter fertiliser program.  It was removed about 2 weeks ago and is already showing signs of the second flush budding.

    The first image here shows the bonsai in it's new, round pot on the far right.

    The second image shows where the first flush was cut and the emerging second flush budding.

    Looking forward to seeing the second flush form and the inevitable bud selection, wiring and needle plucking in Autumn. !!

    japanese black pine first flush cut budding


    second flush japanese black pine

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