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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

Autumn 2021 Pine work Started

Black Pine Autumn Work - starting early this year

 So many Black Pines to work on over the cooler months so starting early.!  This one is a bit of a favourite.  It produces an incredible number of 'adventitious buds' each Spring so bud selection is a major job on this one.!

It is a bit of a monster.!!  The base/nebari is ~20cm;  thanks to the large sacrificial branches that were developed low on the trunk, many years ago, when it was in our field beds.

All of the foliage you see now was nothing more than a mass of small buds on a small secondary branch... so long ago.!!

Japanese Black Pine 106 2021 03 24

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