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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

Trident Maple Branch Construction

Trident Maple Branch Development

Following on from a story I wrote on 10-Dec-2018 regarding the construction of a lower branch on this old Trident Maple:

"I have been working on this trident maple from a cutting struck in the early 80's. It should be more advanced, by now, but it has been a victim of my limited time. It is finally getting some attention. The final stage of (initial) development is to thicken the lower branch with these sacrificial growth. The rest of the tree is being refined and the leaves and inter-nodes are reducing nicely."

.... the project is now completed.  The sacrificial branches were shortened and the many buds that followed have now developed into finer branches.  

As with all bonsai the refinement never ends.  This bonsai will continue to improve.!!

Trident Maple branch construction

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