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    Murrumbung Studio Ceramics

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    New Pot for an Old Trident Maple

    After searching and missing out on many pot purchases we have finally found 'The Pot' for this old Trident Maple.

    After doing a quick 'cut-and-paste' to see exactly what the tree would look like, in the new Murrumbung pot, we were convinced that it was the 'perfect imperfection' we were seeking.

     Our appreciation and admiration go to Tracey Francis from Murrumbung Studio Ceramics for creating such a fine bonsai pot.!

    trident maple with new potPot created by tracey francis 36.8 x 28.3 x 4.8cm interior 39 x 30.5 x 6.3cm exterior thrown and assembled oval container in smooth, tan clay, rib details in a couple of spots, and glazed in ancient bronze which shows variations of colour from dark bronze through to dark tan and even a hint of navy blue fired in an electric kiln 3 x 28mm central drainage holes, 2 x 20mm side drainage holes and 4 sets of 4mm wire holes

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