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    Swamp Cypress Summer Pruning

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    When & How to Prune Swamp Cypress

     If you are pruning Swamp Cypress to increase budding and refinement then this post may be of some help.

    Every few years we allow the first Spring flush to extend un-pruned.  This allows the first flush to mature before pruning.  Early summer pruning, back to about 4-6 nodes, will result in at least 3-4 buds to form from the stump.  If you leave a longer stump then buds will only form on the first 3-4 nodes from the cut. 

    These results are clearly shown in the following images, i.e., the image on the left cut at 4-6 nodes with at least 3 buds and, on the right, the longer stump with budding only on the end.

    Pruning too early will result in the some die-back of the cut stump and no budding.

    If you would like further info on this topic you can contact us HERE.

    swamp cypress summer pruning budding

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