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    I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

    Old GoyoMatsu needs a little work

    This old Japanese White Pine, I have named Resukyū  (レスキュー ) has been in the collection for ~2 decades.  It was 'rescued', as a potted nursery plant, from a coastal nursery where it was in poor condition.  I was attracted to this pine due mainly to the very neat graft union and the foliage colour. Some years latter, after a period of recovery, it flowered for the first time with bright crimson inflorescence.

    It spent two years under the care of Shannon Young, at the Canberra Arboritum.  I was fortunate to have Shannon and Pavel Slovák work on the bonsai as part of a demo at the Arboretum.

    goyo matsu australian bonsai galleryResukyū (レスキュー )


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