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    International Apprentice

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    SHUNKA-EN bonsai Museum offers us all the opportunity to study with Kobayashi San through his generosity in welcoming international apprentices.  The following is an extract from his website:

    "As we believe the apprenticeship system in traditional manner is the best way to learn Bonsai, we offer chances for anybody to join us if you are really serious about Bonsai.  Here we accept people not as a guest nor as a student, but as one of our member.
    This means while we do our own business, you have to learn by yourself through observing us, doing as we do, eating, sleeping, and working together with us. We recommend you to stay at least 1 month but shorter term is also acceptable.
    The cost would be 5,000JPY per day or 100,000JPY per month, including accomondations and 3 meals per day. You'll work with Kunio Kobayashi and his apprentices everyday, and get certificate at the end."

    Anyone can apply; you are then INVITED to join as a member !!...... We can all do this if we wish!!!

    kobayashi apprenticeShunka-en apprentices we talked to in 2016

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