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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

Where is it Now - part 1

Where is this Black Pine Now

I have been going through some old Bonsai Australia magazines - The, then, "Official Journal of the Bonsai Society of Australia". These old magazines had some really useful information.! 

The following image is an article detailing a demonstration by Mr. Nakajima & Mr. Komatsu in 1985; from Bonsai Australia - vol.3 number 4.

I am only assuming that the pine was one of the original Koreshoff pines, as it is from 1951 seed.

If you recognize this tree I am sure that the bonsai community would like to see some recent images.!!  Please, if you have any information, I would like to publish and share.

nakajima komatsu 1985 demo pine

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