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Stolen Wisteria Bonsai

 1 Bexley road, Bexley 2207, NSW, Australia - Map Directions

22 April 2020 - 23 April 2021 22 April 2020 23 April 2021

We have a Wisteria Bonsai and it was stolen from our front yard - my husband places is it next to our
garage to get sun and rain (he has a heavy heart now with regret that he placed it there when I told him
not to!) but he has done that for months with no issue and suddenly a few days ago we went outside and
it was gone! We live in a townhouse so we don't live right on the street so we are shocked that someone
actually held our the heavy pot and took it. It was actually my first birthday gift from my husband many
years ago and we had hoped to keep it for many years to come. Its so sentimental to us and we work so
hard in keeping it healthy and I am so distraught , especially when they're so expensive. I'm hoping for a
miracle and someone brings it back. I have emailed Strata and they have advised they will email our
tenants and I will be putting signs on the streets in hoping not only if someone has seen it, but hoping the
person sees the signs and realises how much it means to me.
People who don't have a bonsai don't really understand how much they're worth and that you get so
emotionally attached to them, especially when it was a gift. Haven't been able to sleep properly knowing
someone has taken something so special to me.
Hoping for a miracle!!!!!!

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