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Two bonsai stolen from backyard in Calwell

 2905, Australian Capital Territory

13 September 2021 - 14 January 2022 13 September 2021 14 January 2022

I had two bonsai stolen last night from my backyard in Calwell, appreciate if you could alert members, in case they hear of someone offering bonsai, and also to keep an eye on their bonsai’s.

One was a banksia, in a Pat Kennedy pot, approx. 90 cms high – incl pot

The other one was a Radiata pine, in a green Chinese dragon pot, approx. 90 cms hight – incl pot

Have attached photos, although these photos were taken a while ago.

Police were called, they attended quite quickly - this happened about 10 past 10 last night – we heard the gate banging on their way out. Took us awhile to work out what the noise was. We are concerned as you cannot see the bonsai from outside the backyard, tall fences etc. and with this lockdown have not had any visitors, tradesmen etc.

stollen caledwell

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