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The Bonsai Gallery was built to showcase the best bonsai in the collection. The gallery features many fine specimens of Japanese Black, Red, and White pine, Trident and Japanese Maple, Swamp Cypress, Ficus species, Chinese Elm, Sequoia, and many more.

Most of the bonsai in the collection were started from seed, seedlings, or small nursery stock.  All were developed in raised field beds to develop some character and size.  Most of the field work concentrated on developing a good trunk, nebari and trunk taper.

Once the trees developed sufficient character they were transitioned to large pots to help modify the root system for a number of years.  This transition made the transfer to a bonsai pot very easy with minimal stress to the trees.

Throughout these processes the trees were progressively styled, maintaining and developing good branching.

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australian bonsai gallery john eastmentJohn started his bonsai journey, at an early age, in 1976.

As a self-taught bonsai artist John has developed his knowledge of the cultivation and refinement of bonsai through a long study of art, philosophy and horticulture, turning his hobby of bonsai into a life long passion.

John has had a selection of his bonsai on show at the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia, at the Canberra Arboretum, on a number of occasions.

Observations in Japan, through an introduction to a number of Japanese bonsai masters, have been inspirational and instructive. These experiences have served to further John’s knowledge and have heightened the realisation that the elements of time and dedication are not only essential but go far beyond a single lifetime of achievement.

John holds Workshops, Demonstrations and ‘Bonsai Tours’ at the Australian Bonsai Gallery in Dorrigo, NSW.

Some of the Gallery Bonsai work can be seen HERE.

A note from the artist: "I am eternally grateful to Vita & Dorothy Koreshoff for their generosity in sharing so much information in the very early years.  I would not have the collection I have now if I had not taken their advice so long ago.!.....  This is my primary motivation in sharing what I have learned."

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