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Dare to Share your Bonsai

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 Dare To Share

 I often wade through my collection of old Bonsai Today magazines in an effort to pick up on something I may have missed in the early days of my bonsai journey.

More often than not I re-read articles through very different eyes.  As my experience grows, and my perspective changes, I am amazed at how much more I can extract form these old publications.

Short extracts, like the one below from Bonsai Today #94, strike a cord that is as relevant today as it was so many years ago.  

"In Japan one of the primary reasons for growing bonsai is to share them with others.  This generous attitude is something we encourage you to consider.  Though you might not be there yet, take a look at your collection and see if there are trees that may eventually merit showing.  Then work diligently to bring them to fruition. Then your trees are ready to show, you can set up a tokonoma in your house for when you have friends over.  Or, you could be more ambitious and sign up to display a bonsai or two at a local club show or even a regional or national show.  When more of us are generous (and brave) enough to do this, we'll see the art of bonsai improve dramatically in the west."
....... Bonsai Today, #94, p.46

To me, sharing something that you have worked on for so many years should be a proud and pleasurable experience.  It is not about just 'owning' a bonsai... it is about sharing the results of your dedication to the art of bonsai.

 Japanese-black-pine-display.jpgJapanese Black Pine on display in the kitchen.!!!

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