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Workshop Course Outlines

Beginners Bonsai Workshop

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Intended Audience

The Beginners Bonsai Workshops are designed as 'one-on-one' private tuition sessions and are suitable for anyone interested in 'kick-starting'  their journey into the world of Bonsai.


By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • identify plants suitable for bonsai
  • recognise the defined styles of bonsai
  • select appropriate containers, soil and fertiliser for
    different bonsai tree species
  • basics of prune and wire a plant to create a bonsai
  • repot a bonsai proficiently (seasonal)
  • start to maintain and cultivate a successful bonsai.


This workshop covers the following topics:

  • history of bonsai
  • Japanese traditional bonsai
  • suitable specimens for bonsai, both Native & Exotic
  • various bonsai styles
  • pots and containers: textures, shapes, sizes, colours
  • bonsai soils.
  • required equipment: tools for potting, wiring and
  • wiring techniques
  • pruning techniques
  • re-potting (seasonal)
  • maintenance: light, water, fertiliser
  • pests and diseases in bonsai.

Delivery style

Delivered in an interactive workshop environment..

Bonsai trees, equipment, soil components and tools
are displayed and various forms of bonsai are presented
within the bonsai gallery.


  • Wire and bonsai tools are provided.
  • Students are to provide a suitable tree to work on.*
    * Please ask for advice before attending.

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