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    I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

    Yet another old KuroMatsu that has been in the collection since the early 1980's.  I developed this one from small nursery stock.  It was field grown for at least 5yrs.

    It is now getting the attention it deserves.  Should be a very good bonsai with more refinement.  kuro matsu australian bonsai gallery 12 980

    Another two pines needle plucked, bud selected, and wired. Ready for the spring.

    aka shiro matsu australian bonsai gallery

    Some Autumn colour starting in the gallery.  These two 'root-over-rock' style trident maples will be a great show this year..

     trident maples autumn 2018

    Finally getting back to the Autumn pine work.  This Kuro-Matsu has been in the collection for more than 35yrs.  Yes, it should be more refined than it is.  Trying to make up for lost time.!

    kuro matsu australian bonsai gallery 09

    Started the Autumn work on my Red, Black & White pines.  Needle plucking, bud selecting & wiring. 

    Most of my pines were developed from seedlings and some nursery stock.  Now, after more than 40 years, and years of neglect, they are getting the attention they deserve.

    This Kuro Matsu is 68cm wide : 54cm high.

    austrlian bonsai gallery kuroMatsu 02KuroMatsu 68cm wide : 54cm high

    The 9th World Bonsai Convention logo has been anounced ahead of a developing programme of events to be held in Perth Western Australia in October, 2021.

    As the program develops, the World Bonsai Friendship Federation will be posting the information on their Facebook Page HERE, so please check back from time to time.9th world bonsai convention perth 2021

    juniperus procumbins bonsai 1 2I have had this juniper for over 35 years.  It has had a lifetime of neglect so I decided to do it some justice and try to bring it up to some level of respectibility.

    It will require a number of growing seasons to develop the 'illusion' of movement, balance, and a more 'natural' look.

    procumbins 2017 08 19

    After 9+ years in the ground this Juniperus procumbins has finally made it into a training pot.  There will be lots of shari to make on this one.

    Looking forward to the many years of development!


    A neglected swamp cypress group finally being cleaned up.  Really need to be pinching back all spring and early summer to really make something of this one.taxodium distichum group 2017 08 03

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