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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

The Australian Bonsai Gallery is selling a number of old, well developed focus bonsai.  Most are old 'yamadori' collected over 30 years ago and developed as bonsai.

For more detail Go to the Bonsai Catalogue

australian bonsai gallery ficus sale

More bonsai sold and going to a great home.  The genesis of a collection in the hands of some very capable young people.

sakura bonsai gallery bonsai sale

Some refinement improvements on these Chinese Elms in our For Sale Catalogue.  

australian bonsai gallery chinese elms 2019 10

With the unusually hot weather I have started work on my Ficus Bonsai.  These, and many others, will be up for sale soon.

ficus rubiginosa 12

ficus rubiginosa 11

A friend has identified this pot as, possibly, being made in Seto, Japan.  The 'chop' has also been identified - 祖洞園池勝製 .  I have seen similar pots on Japanese auction sites, but the bamboo design is not the same, and the pots were not signed.

It has been a real curiosity ever since I purchased it from a second-hand store many years ago for the sum of $24.00.

Can anyone can 'shed some light' on the history of this pot ??.

sato pot australian bonsai gallery

Evrything I read about the Japanese Red Pine - Akamatsu - tells me that they are not as vigerous as the Black pine, and should not be needle thinned as much as JBP's.

Well, no one has told this old Akamatsu.... I call it  Gakushū (学習); it means 'learning' as this bonsai still bears the 'scars' of 43 years of 'trial & error'.

japanese red pine 08Gakushū (学習)

This old Kuromatsu has been in the Australian Bonsai Gallery collection for almost 40 years.  It was developed as an 'informal upright' from an very early age.

The styling was very 'naive' and reflected my inexperience at the time.  It was high time for a change!  It is, now, on it's way to a better form.

japanese black pine bonsai 04 literati

Old Japanese Black Pine will be On Sale Soon.  It has a good nebari, has been needle thinned, bud selected, and wired last Autumn.  Proactive fertilising throughout Autumn and Winter has seen very active and even 'first-flush' candle growth this Spring.
This is a bonsai worthy of further refinement.  Please Contact Us if you are interested in this tree.japanese black pine 42a

Going through some images of our last trip to Japan and found this very old Goyomatsu with massive nebari.  The width of the nebari is ~70cm !!!

massive nebari

This old Kuromatsu was a generous gift from a very accomplished bonsai artist many years ago.  Ian Hearn is probably one of the best black Pine bonsai growers in Australia and I was privileged to have been gifted this tree after it had been developed and shaped by Ian.

The small image here is of the original Japanese seed packet from which this bonsai had started from seed in 1970.  

The story behind bonsai like this one is an important part of the history of bonsai and must be preserved.  The story, and provenance, adds a richness to the art of bonsai.

Kuro matsu spring 2019 seed pack

Bonsai Open LogoThe Bonsai Open competition is the initiative of the Central Coast Bonsai Club. 

Congratulations to Steve Reeves and his team for organising this great event.  

bonsai open australian bonsai gallery

bonsai open resultsaustralian bonsai gallery


Birdbaths are an essential part of our gardens and Bonsai Gallery due to the very dry conditions.  Just had to stop work in the gallery to record this clip of silvereyes in one of our birdbaths.  This species migrates all the way from Tasmania !!  A mighty effort for such a tiny bird.


Development and refinement of the Japanese Black Pine is not a daunting process.

At the Australian Bonsai Gallery we get a large number of visiting bonsai enthusiasts who say they avoid the JBP because they are difficult to bonsai. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. The JBP is one of the easiest species to develop and refine.  All you need to do is:

  • firstly, field grow your JBP.  They grow rapidly and develop their 'oldish' looking bark quickly in the ground.
  • They transfer to training pot/bonsai pot is easy. 
  • ... and the refinement process involves some very simple processes.  We have put together a concise description of the refinement process HERE.  It outlines the 'simple process together with a time-line for the corresponding fertilising program.

The gallery has some developed JBP FOR SALE that are ready for the refinement process.  They represent good value for those who want to practice these processes.

japanese black pine needle thinning

This Japanese Black Pine was in the catalogue, for sale, as a stock plant.  It has just been re-worked and is now for sale again as a bonsai. 

It has been roughly shaped in the 'slant style' and would make a great development project for any bonsai artist.

This one, along with many others, on sale here

jbp 18 re worked

This Japanese White Pine is one of the last trees to come out of our field development area.  Only another two massive Cork Barked Elms to be lifted.

This one will go on sale once it has settled in to its' training pot.  Keep an eye on our For Sale Page.

japanese white pine field

This old Swamp Cypress was developed from tube stock I purchased in 1981.  Such a long time ago... developed in my field beds over many years, transferred to a large training pot, and eventually into this bonsai pot.

It is difficult to explain the attachment I have to my old bonsai... and probably seems very odd to others.  Bonsai has become much much more than a 'hobby' to me now..... again, difficult to explain.

The 'up-side' to this is that my bonsai will eventually have a 'history', and with each bonsai I sell that history will become richer as, so far, all sales have gone to great homes.

NB.... still have some bonsai for sale

 swamp cypress 02 sold

Finally looking like a true bonsai.  This old, hachi-uye, Black Pine developed a very strong 'second flush' last Summer resulting in up to five shoots from each candle cut.... producing many shoots with very small needle length.

Now, after needle thinning, bud selection and wiring, I am happy to call it a BONSAI.

Notice the 'unwilling worker' added just for scale.

NB.... still have some bonsai for sale

large kuro matsu 1220

Two more old bonsai ready to go to their new home. !!

We have been delighted to have sold so many old bonsai to responsible and talented artists. 

Many bonsai have been sold from the gallery; and many more are being offered progressively, as they are prepared for sale.  For those interested in adding to their collections see what is on offer HERE.

sold bonsai australian bonsai gallery

 We took this pic at Shunka-en in 2016.  This Goyo-Matsu is about the oldest 'methuselah' I have seen.  It is, suprisingly, in a training box !!

Don't know if it is named.  If anyone can let me know if it is named ......please.  

There are many images of Kobayashi bonsai but I don't recall ever seeing this one before.  It is such an inspirational old bonsai with so many design lessons within it's form.

goyo matsu shunkaen

Impossible to 'take it all in' in a single visit to Shunka-en Bonsai Museum. So many high quality bonsai in the one place.  It was an absolute overload to the senses.

The hospitality shown by its owner, Kunio Kobayashi, ..... just as impressive and humbling. 

shunka en bonsai museum

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