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Very Old Atlantic Cedar Spring flush

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Some Refinement on this Old Atlantic Cedar

It is such a pleasure to work on this grand old bonsai.  The Spring flush on this one is an explosion of bright green, turning to a 'glaucus' blue/gray in Summer.

This season I have further refined the layering in the foliage and improved the balance and movement.

Atlantic cedars are a great species to grow as bonsai.  Small needles, wonderful foliage colour, compact growth and very flexible branches (easy to bend).  Only one draw-back is that the branches take longer to 'set' into shape than most other bonsai.

We have been working on this bonsai for the last 16 years.  It was previously in the capable hands of Ian Hearn for many years.
atlantic cedar bonsai Midori no kenshin - 緑の献身

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