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News from Sakura Bonsai Gallery

I hope to find the time to add some news on cleaning up my neglected collection.

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Bright Autumn Colour

This 'root-over-rock' trident maple (pictured on the left) never disapoints to put on a nice Autumn show.  This maple, although displaying some nice Autumn colour, needs a lot of work to increase the number of buds so that we can reduce the overall leaf size.

The image to the right is from Mr. Takeyama’s trident maples at the Fuyo-en Bonsai Garden in Omiya Village.  After seeing these bonsai in 2016 I realised just how much more work we have to do, at the gallery, to really bring our bonsai to an acceptable level.

The work continues.......

trident maple root over rock autumn 2021

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'Mikawa' Japanese Black Pine - New Home in Canberra

 Looks like a road-trip coming up to deliver a number of bonsai to Canberra.  This old 'mikawa' Black Pine as among a number of trees due to be delivered soon.

There are still a number of great quality bonsai for sale on the website HERE

If anyone is interested in purchasing we will be delivering between Dorrigo and Canberra soon.

Japanese black pine 19 sold

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Trident Maple Branch Development

Following on from a story I wrote on 10-Dec-2018 regarding the construction of a lower branch on this old Trident Maple:

"I have been working on this trident maple from a cutting struck in the early 80's. It should be more advanced, by now, but it has been a victim of my limited time. It is finally getting some attention. The final stage of (initial) development is to thicken the lower branch with these sacrificial growth. The rest of the tree is being refined and the leaves and inter-nodes are reducing nicely."

.... the project is now completed.  The sacrificial branches were shortened and the many buds that followed have now developed into finer branches.  

As with all bonsai the refinement never ends.  This bonsai will continue to improve.!!

Trident Maple branch construction

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High Quality Zheng-liang Pots

The Australian Bonsai Gallery has just picked up some very good quality Chinese bonsai pots.  All by ZhengLiang from the renouned Yixing province of China.

Thanks to a 'tip-off' from a bonsai mate (thanks Dom) we were able to find these pots.  The pots from this maker are hand made and very well designed.  

If you have any of these pots in your collection... hang on to them.!!

Zleng pots 02


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Discounted Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

Some Japanese Black Pine bonsai have been discounted for a quick sale.  The Australian Bonsai Gallery has it's eye on some very expensive Japanese bonsai pots so these bonsai have to go at these prices.

More details HERE

Japanese Black Pine sale

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Another Black Pine Bonsai going to a new home

This old 'mikawa' Japanese Black Pine starts a new chapter in it's life.  Now in the care of another bonsai artist, this bonsai will continue and build on the 4 decades of care and design of the previous owner, Ian Hearn.

The new 'custodian' has inherited a great bonsai and will continue and build on this legacy.

There are a number of 'mikawa' Black Pine Bonsai waiting for the next chapter in their lives... For Sale HERE

Japanese Black Pine mikawa gallery bonsai sold 

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Black Pine Autumn Work - starting early this year

 So many Black Pines to work on over the cooler months so starting early.!  This one is a bit of a favourite.  It produces an incredible number of 'adventitious buds' each Spring so bud selection is a major job on this one.!

It is a bit of a monster.!!  The base/nebari is ~20cm;  thanks to the large sacrificial branches that were developed low on the trunk, many years ago, when it was in our field beds.

All of the foliage you see now was nothing more than a mass of small buds on a small secondary branch... so long ago.!!

Japanese Black Pine 106 2021 03 24

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Re-Styling an old Japanese Black Pine

This old black pine has been styled over the past 35 years in the 'Wind swept' style; and many would say, including myself, unsuccessfully. !!

Last year I decided to transform this bonsai into a 'Cascade' style.  This meant some drastic pruning and heavy reshaping of old branches.

The re-styling has seen a greater focus on the nebari and trunk size, relative to the overall, reduced, size of the composition.

It still as some way to go to bring it to a reasonable level of refinement.  The next few years will see a better ramification and the resultant reduction in needle size.

A smaller pot will further enhance the relative size of the nabari and lower trunk.

japanese black pine transformed

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A Good Nebari is Essential

One of the essential elements in bonsai design and development is a good Nebari.

To all the beginners out their please consider this as an absolute necessity when choosing stock plants for development.

The physical connection between the tree and the soil is not only visually important; this connection is also a reflection of the perceived age of the bonsai. It is an embodiment of the feeling of 'Wabi Sabi';  the percepton of age that can only be realised through a focus on developing and refining this connection with the soil.

Don't be satisfied with the 'stick in a pot' that some pass off as bonsai.  If there is no feeling of age there is no bonsai. !!!

bonsai nebari australian bonsai gallery


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Field Grown Japanese White Pine for Sale

Field grown, grafted Japanese White Pine stock plant for sale.  This is a monster.!  Starting to show some style and definition already. Available Here

large japanese white pine for sale

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Late Summer Work completed on Old Goyo Matsu

Further to an article of 31-January, here is the completed work, on the left.  This Japanese White Pine benefits greatly from the annual needle thinning and bud selection done around this time of the year, after the spring growth has matured.

This pine will be fertilized throughout Autumn and Winter and will push evenly distributed candle growth next Spring.  Additionally, some adventitious budding will help in the future development of this tree.

goyo matsu before after

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Gain a clear understanding of the art of bonsai and the confidence to take your skills in bonsai to the next level.  Our workshops allow you to tap into more than 45 years of experience in the development and refinement of bonsai.

The Australian Bonsai Gallery is offering a number of Bonsai Workshops from Beginner to Advanced levels.

All of our Bonsai Workshops are held in The Australian Bonsai Gallery among our collection developed over the last 45 years.

Our Bonsai Workshops are held over one day, from 10:00am till 3:00pm and numbers are limited to 3 students per workshop, (Due to COVID-19 restrictions).

Extended, 'one-on-one' workshops can also be scheduled by appointment.  See all available workshops HERE.

australian bonsai gallery workshops banner

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'mikawa' Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Sale

More JBP offered for sale from the private collection of Ian Hearn.  The latest bonsai for sale are a rare opportunity to own a slice of Australian Bonsai History.  These bonsai are old, starting to show the 'mikawa' rough bark characteristics. Some stunning trees rarely offered for sale.... See what is For Sale


Japanese black pine mikawa for sale

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Classic Shimpaku to New Home

This beautiful, old, and classic Shimpaku bonsai is going to its new home. This bonsai is the work of Ian Hearn; one of Australia's finest bonsai artists. 

Ian is, progressively, selling off the bulk of his collection;  the works of over 50yrs of dedication to the art of bonsai.

If you are interested in more of the same please visit our Bonsai for Sale.  

Juniperus Media Blaauw

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Sale Bonsai from the collection of Ian Hearn

The Bonsai Gallery has just taken delivery of some of the best bonsai we have seen.!  All from the private collection of Ian Hearn.

Some bonsai for sale have been on display at the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia – Arboretum in Canberra.

See what is on offer in the Gallery Shop

Ian Hearn bonsai feb 2021

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Late Summer work on Japanese White Pines

Now is the time to do some serious work on refining and balancing growth on Japanese White Pine bonsai.  Needle plucking, bud selection and wiring is done now that the spring flush has matured.

Thanks to the foliage balancing done this time last year, through even needle plucking, this seasons growth was very even and produced much smaller needles.

This work needs to be carried out each year to maintain balanced growth throughout the tree and to prevent overly compact growth.  It also encourages adventitious budding the following Spring.  An added bonus is that the branches are easier to wire after old needles are removed.

I have tried to demonstrate this in the following image.  On the right you will see a before and after shot of one bud cluster that has been needle plucked.

The image on the left is the bonsai before any work has been done.  I hope to post another image when the work is completed.  You can appreciate, though, that if I did not complete this work and allowed another spring flush to grow over the top of this the following year... well the tree would be far too congested, it would start to loose the refinement it already has, and new buds within the branches would start to weaken and die due to lack of light and air circulation.

goyo matsu work

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New Pot for this Old Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

Back in May last year I posted a similar article about the progress of this old Black Pine, indicating that I would "transfer the tree into a much smaller round pot next Spring".

Well it has been done.  The first flush was very strong, due to last years Autumn and Winter fertiliser program.  It was removed about 2 weeks ago and is already showing signs of the second flush budding.

The first image here shows the bonsai in it's new, round pot on the far right.

The second image shows where the first flush was cut and the emerging second flush budding.

Looking forward to seeing the second flush form and the inevitable bud selection, wiring and needle plucking in Autumn. !!

japanese black pine first flush cut budding


second flush japanese black pine

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Ficus macrophylla - New Pot

 Finally got this old fig out of it's training pot and into a more appropriate, smaller and oval pot.  

The canopy is over 1.3mtrs wide and needs some refining.  About 50% of the foliage removed before re-potting.  Tipped out to 2 nodes on each branch.

australian bonsai gallery old ficus


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Thank You William N. Valavanis

What a great initiative from one of the worlds greatest bonsai artists.... Bill Valavanis.

"After publishing International BONSAI for 42 years and producing 164 issues, in order to advance classical bonsai art to a broader world-wide audience, I have decided to suspend the printed edition and expand my educational offerings with the introduction of International BONSAI OnLine which is a FREE digital bi-monthly magazine."

The On-line magazine can be accessed from the following link:


international bonsai online

Thanks to John Cavey (Port Macquarie Club) and Steve Reeve (Central Coast Club) for helping to spread the word.


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First Flush Cut for Japanese Red & Black Pines

It is always a bit of 'hit-and-miss' as to when is the optimum timing for this process.  The Japanese Black Pine in this image has just been cut. As you can see from the pile of cuttings this is a significant event for these trees.

Vigure balancing last Autumn, continued fertilizing throughout Autumn and Winter, and booster fertilising in Spring and early Summer has produced a good and even first flush.  Now we wait for that all-important second flush to produce multiple shoots from all cutting points.!

It is very important to only cut unwanted shoots(bud selection) after the seconf flush has matured.... a job I do along with needle plucking and wiring in Autumn.  Then the process starts all over again.!

Last years effort was a real success, as is evedent in the very small one-year-old needles.  Another few years of the same will produce very well refined bonsai.

Fingers crossed that the warm weather holds for the next few months..... 

For those not familar with the process I have a detailed slideshow and downloadable pdf HERE

japanese black pine first flush cut

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